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Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment Fraud


The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) gives information for residents and businesses on how to report an unemployment claim using an existing or former employee’s social security number.

If you have been notified by either the OESC or your employer that an application for OESC benefits has been fraudulently made in your name, or using your social security number, you should follow these steps:

1. Notify the OESC in writing that an application for unemployment benefits has been made using your name or social security number. Clarify that you did not make the application and that someone else has used your name and social security number to make the application. OESC is requesting that you submit this information via e-mail, so simply go to and that site automatically sends you to an e-mail where you can provide the relevant information to OESC.

2. Provide a copy of the statement you submitted to OESC to your employer. You can simply cc the designated person at you employer in your e-mail to OESC, or you can print a copy of your statement and give it to your employer.

3. If your employer has notified you of the fraudulent application, you may be asked to complete additional information. Employers are required to inform OESC of the fraudulent claim and may need additional information from you to do that.

4. The Oklahoma Attorney General is also requesting that you provide that office with information related to the fraudulent claim for unemployment benefits. Once you have submitted your information to the OESC, visit the Coronavirus Fraud Resources page of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s website where you will be directed to an OAG Unemployment Fraud Form that you can fill out and submit on-line. This will allow law enforcement to investigate the claim that was filed in your name.

5. Consider contacting any of the three major credit reporting bureaus and inquire about placing a fraud alert on your accounts. You can contact Equifax, Experian, or Transunion directly for that purpose. Inquire with one of those organizations about whether placing a fraud alert on your accounts is something that would be a benefit to you given your individual financial circumstances.

The following links will assist you in reporting:

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