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Payne County Sheriff Sales

The following Sheriff's Sales provides an extensive list for reference. See our bidder guidelines for commonly asked questions about Sheriff's Sales.

Sheriff’s Sales are on Tuesdays at 10:00am in the Payne County Courthouse, East Stairwell. You must go inside the Court House on the south side and go through security.

Case#: CJ-2017-387 - Recalled
Sale Date: 11/30/2021
Appraisal Amount: $68,000.00
1600 West Grandstaff
Cushing, OK 74023
Plantiff: Ditech Financial LLC
Defendant: V.R. Zampich
Attorney: Baer & Timberlake, PC - 405-842-7722
Case#: CJ-2020-462 - Inactive
Sale Date: 11/23/2021
Appraisal Amount: $7,000.00
513 W. Shepard Street
Glencoe, OK 74032
Plantiff: Tinker Federal Credit Union
Defendant: Estate of L.D. Curtis
Attorney: Williams, Boren & Associates, P.C. - 405-232-5220
Case#: CJ-2020-51 - Recalled
Sale Date: 11/16/2021
Appraisal Amount: $954,000.00
6 W. Champions Place
Stillwater, OK 74074
Plantiff: OSU Foundation Real Estate LLC
Defendant: M. Sarno & B. Hobbs
Attorney: Gungoll, Jackson, Box, & Devoll, PC - 405-272-4710
Case#: CJ-2019-26 - Recalled
Sale Date: 11/02/2021
Appraisal Amount: $278,000.00
4905 South Deerfield
Stillwater, OK 74074
Plantiff: Carrington Mortgage Services LLC
Defendant: M & J Cheatwood
Attorney: LOGS Legal Group LLP - 405-848-1819
Case#: CJ-2020-17 - Recalled
Sale Date: 10/19/2021
Appraisal Amount: $195,000.00
4401 Prescot Drive
Stillwater, OK 74074
Plantiff: Rushmore Loan Management Svc
Defendant: R.L. Kirk
Attorney: Kivell, Rayment & Francis - 918-254-0626
Case#: CJ-2020-39 - Recalled
Sale Date: 10/19/2021
Appraisal Amount: $77,000.00
3212 E. 4th Avenue
Stillwater, OK 74074
Plantiff: PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Defendant: J & T Harris
Attorney: Kivell, Rayment & Francis - 918-254-0626
Case#: CJ-2021-68 - Inactive
Sale Date: 10/19/2021
Appraisal Amount: $62,000.00
1034 E. 6th Street
Cushing, OK 74023
Plantiff: Weststar Mortgage Corporation
Defendant: C & J Ingraham
Attorney: Kelley & Taylor, PC - 405-848-6803