Payne County Patrol Division

The Payne County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division consist of 42 CLEET Certified Deputies.

These Field Deputies patrol approximately 697 square miles responding to both Criminal and Civil calls, to protect lives and property, to serve warrants, to serve civil processes, investigate crimes, and assist other agencies.

In the Patrol Division we have:

  • One Captain
  • Two Lieutenants
  • Three Investigators
  • Seventeen Field Deputies
  • Six Transport Deputies
  • Three Civil Process Deputies
  • Three Courthouse Deputies
  • One Criminal Warrants Deputy
  • One Size and Weights Deputy

The Payne County Sheriff’s Office has 25 certified CLEET instructors:

  • Nine Field Training Deputies (FTO)
  • Four Firearms Instructors
  • Four Taser Instructors
  • Two Defensive Tactics Instructors
  • Two Law Enforcement Driver Training Instructors

The State requires 25 hours of continuing education each year. At Payne County we try to double that with each deputy.