Apply to the Payne County Sheriff's Office

The hiring process take approximately 2 to 3 months to complete. The following is a model of our hiring process. We reserve the right to adapt and change the process when necessary.

Available openings are posted for approximately 30 days before applications are considered. Usual places posted are: Indeed.com, Oklahoma Sheriff's Association and CLEET websites.

Each application is reviewed by our application board to make sure the application is complete. If the application includes blank spots, it is discarded. At this point, initial criminal background checks are run on applicants for felony convictions.

What to Expect

First Interview: A 15-minute interview is conducted by board members. Candidates that are considered will be asked to take proficiency test and fill out a background packet to return in approximately 1 week.

Second Interview: Candidate will meet with supervisor to review background packet. At this point references are checked, previous work history is verified, and a full financial history of the candidate.This step may take 2 - 4 weeks depending on the number of applicants.

Third Interview: Candidate will meet one-on-one with division commander as well as asked for additional performance and psychological testing.

Final Interview: Candidate will meet with the Sheriff or Undersheriff. Based on the job applying for, will be asked to take a physical agility test, polygraph, and other tests required by the Payne County Sheriff's Office.

Submit your Application

Applications are available online by following the below links or by visiting our office Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm located at 606 South Husband, Room 106, Stillwater Oklahoma.

Applications will be retained one year or until the application process is completed for a specific position. If you are not selected during the application process, you may reapply.

Please be specific when filling out the desired position that you are applying for. Incomplete applications will be removed from the hiring process. All forms are to be fully completed, signed and returned to the Sheriff's Office before an application will be considered.

  1. Download our Employment Application and Records Release Form.
  2. Complete both and sign
  3. Email your completed application
  4. You may also bring them to Justin at the Sheriff's Office
  5. If you have any Questions please contact Justin
    Justin Henninger