COVID-19 Update July 30, 2020: There are now 638 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 569 Recovered and 3 deaths in Payne County which leaves 66 people known to be active Covid cases at this time.. Please stay safe, wash your hands with soap and water. Please wear a mask when in crowds. (Error in Numbers: The following list is by Known infected by Address Report: 52) 12 - Cushing, 1 - Glencoe, 4 - Perkins, 34 - Stillwater, 1 - Yale

Inmate Programs

The Payne County Detention Center provides many programs for inmates giving them the resources and tools to enhance the quality of life and lower recidivism.

Current Programs offered at Payne County

  • Substance Abuse Classes
  • Self Esteem Classes
  • Parenting Classes
  • GED Classes
  • Bible College Classes
  • Workforce Oklahoma
  • Team Challenge
  • Eagle Ridge
  • Guthrie Job Corp


  • Christian Music Ministry
  • Trustee Ministry
  • Southside Baptist
  • Mount Zion Multi Church Outreach
  • Ladies Only Group
  • Liberty Church
  • Individual Counseling for men and women

Mental Health

After in-patient hospitals closed, many of the mentally ill were moved to jails. While a short-term facility is being built the Payne County Detention Center provides mental health services to its inmates. A counselor, with the help of interns from OSU, counsel inmates two times a week.