COVID-19 Update October 27th, 2020: There are now 2,811 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Payne County, 2,603 Recovered and 12 deaths in Payne County which leaves 196 people known to be active Covid cases at this time.. Please stay safe, wash your hands with soap and water. Please wear a mask when in crowds. Location of know cases: 33 - Cushing, 1 - Glencoe, 9 - Perkins, 3 - Ripley, 78 - Stillwater, 6 - Yale (Currently off 66 people by address locations)

Texas Roadhouse Tip a Cop

Texas Roadhouse Tip a Cop


Texas Roadhouse Stillwater 2000 N. Perkins Road

Law Enforcement from the area join with Texas Roadhouse to raise money for Special Olympics Oklahoma

Come join us Wednesday March 25th from 5-9p for great food and great fun to benifit Special Olympics Oklahoma.  Each year over 5000 athletes converge on Stillwater for North America's largest Special Olympics Summer Games.It cost about $250 per athlete to attend this event each year.  Please come out and let local law enforcement fill your water or tea and answer any questions you might have about Special Olympics and help us to make this a record evening!!